Advanced PCB Capability

Advanced High quality PCB Manufacturing Capability

No. Item Process capability parameter
1 PCB type Rigid PCB
2 Base Material See Below “Material” Chart
3 Layer Count 1-40 layers
4 Finished Copper Thickness 0.5-6 oz
5 Min trace width/spacing Inner layer 2 / 2mil
6 Outer layer 2.5 / 2.5mil
7 Min Spacing Between Hole to Inner Layer Conductor 7mil
8 Min Spacing Between Hole to Outer Layer Conductor 6mil
9 Min Annular Ring for Via 3mil
10 Min Annular Ring for Component Hole 6mil
11 Min BGA Diameter 8mil
12 Min BGA Pitch 0.1mm
13 Min Hole Size 0.15mm(CNC)|0.1mm(Laser)
14 Max Aspect Ratio 12:1
15 Min Soldermask Bridge Width 3mil
16 Soldermask / Circuit Processing Method Film | LDI
17 Min Thickness for Insulating Layer 2mil
18 HDI & Special Type PCB HDI(1-3 steps)|High frequency mix-pressing (2-14 layers)|Buried capacitance & resistance, etc.
19 Surface Finish ENIG|HAL|HAL lead free|OSP|Immersion Tin|Immersion Silver|Plating Hard Gold|Plating Silver
20 Max PCB size 500*600mm

Advanced PCB High Performance Materials

Item Material for PCB Prototype Material for Small and Medium Batch
General Tg FR4 shengyi S1141, Kingboard KB6160A shengyi S1141
High-Tg Halogen-free shengyi S1170G Halogen-free TG170, TU-862 HF TG170  shengyi S1170G Halogen-free TG170 ,TU-862 HF TG170 
Medium Tg Halogen-free shengyi S1150G Halogen-free TG150 shengyi S1150G Halogen-free TG150
High Halogen-free CTI shengyi S1151G( CTI≥600V) shengyi S1151G( CTI≥600V)
High CTI shengyi S1600( CTI≥600V)Kingboard KB6160C shengyi S1600( CTI≥600V)Kingboard KB6160C
Special Material (High low temperature) shengyi SH260 shengyi SH260
High Tg FR4 S1000-2, S1000-2M, IT180A S1000-2, S1000-2M, IT180A
Ceramic Powder Filled High Frequency Rogers4003, Rogers4350, Arlon25N, shengyi S7136 Rogers4350, Rogers4003, shengyi S7136
PTFE High Frequency Material Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Taizhou wangling Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Taizhou wangling
High Frequency PCB PP RO4450 0.1mm, shengyi Synamic6 RO4450 0.1mm, shengyi s6

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