Industrial Equipment


Printed circuit board uses in the industrial sector vary widely. Electronic components power much of the equipment in manufacturing and distribution centers as well as other types of industrial facilities.
The PCBs used in the industrial sector often need to be especially high-powered and be durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions that exist in industrial facilities. PCBs may need to be resistant to rough handling, vibrating machinery, extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. To meet this need for durability, industrial PCBs may be made with durable metals or thermal-resistant materials and be thicker than other kinds of PCBs. Industrial PCB assembly services may include thru-hole technology to increase durability.

Some of the industrial applications for PCBs include:

Manufacturing equipment: PCB-based electronics power electric drills and presses used in manufacturing.

Power equipment: The components that power many types of industrial equipment use PCBs. This power equipment includes DC-to-AC power inverters, solar power cogeneration equipment and more.

Measuring equipment: PCBs often power equipment that measures and controls pressure, temperature and other factors.

As robotics, industrial IoT tech and other types of advanced technology become more common, new uses for PCBs are arising in the industrial sector.