Quick PCB prototype Capability

BETON PCB Manufacturer will not only provide you with significant cost savings on prototype PCBs, but it will also insure to meet all your desirable turn-around times. More often than not, turn-around times would be achieved even faster than local manufacturers.

Prototype PCBs manufactured by BETON PCB Factory will assured you the timely lead time as we are the largest prototype PCB manufacturers in China that specialize in producing small volume PCBs, over a short period of time, with a large variety of designs per month. (over 40000 designs/month).

All quick turn PCB prototype shipments are done using DHL/FedEx/UPS express shipment services to achieve the fastest and most reliable delivery.

BETON ELECTRONICS quick PCB Board Fabrication Capabilities

ItemsFabrication CapabilitiesRemarks
Layer Count1-20 layers1-10 Layers PCB fabrication will be provided online order by BETON PCB Factory. If your PCB order is over 10 layers, please contact your customer service for quotation.
MaterialFR-4 94V0/ AluminumFor FPC, HDI, ROGERS, HALOGEN-FREE, HIGH TG ETC., contact your customer service.
Maximum PCB Size500x1100mmThe max. size of BETON PCB Factory is 50*40cm. and we accept longer PCB board which max. length is 1100MM
Minimum  PCB Size3mm*3mm
Maximum Panel Size50cm*45cm
Minimum Panel Size7.5*7.5cmIf you need v-cut, this is minimum panel size in BETON PCB Factory
Tolerance Size of Board
±0.2mmCNC tolerance is ±0.2mm, v-cut tolerance is ±0.5mm
Board Thickness0.4-2.4mmThe thickness we could fabricate is 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.4
Tolerance Thickness of Board
( t≥1.0mm)
±10%Pay attention: as the capability (PTH, solder mask and others) will add the board thickness, we usually use Plus Tolerance.
Tolerance Thickness of Board
( t≥1.0mm)
±0.1mmPay attention: as the capability (PTH, solder mask and others) will add the board thickness, we usually use Plus Tolerance.
Min. Line Width4mil(0.1mm)Min. Line Width is 0.1mm;In terms of multi-layer PCBs, Min. Line Width for inner-layer is 0.175mm
0.1mm/4mil for outer layer. If the minimum line width is less than 6 mil, there will be an extra charge / fee.
Min. Line Space4mil(0.1mm)Min. Line Spacing is 0.15mm/6mil. If Min. Line Spacing is less than 6mil, it will charge extra fee.
Outer Layer Copper Thickness35um/70um/105um
It means the thickness of copper in outer layer. 1 OZ=35um, 2OZ=70um, 3OZ=105um.
Inner Layer Copper Thickness35um/50um
Default is 1 OZ, but if you have special requirement, 1.5 OZ is acceptable.
Drill Diameter Range0.2-6.3mmMin. Size of drill via CNC is 0.2mm. 6.3mm is maximum size.
Annular Ring≥0.1mm(4mil)If Annular Ring is smaller but there is enough space, there is no limit for the Annular Ring size. But if there is not enough space coupled with dense lines, the Annular Ring size should be over 0.1mm.
Finished Hole Size0.2–6.20mmBecause the copper will cover the surface of hole, the Finished hole size is smaller than it is in Gerber file.
The Size Tolerance of Finished
Hole (CNC)
±0.08mmTolerance of Finished Hole Size is ±0.08mm. For example, if the drill in the Gerber file is 0.6mm, the finished drill will be 0.52-0.68mm on standard.
Solder Mask TypeLPILPI is common use in the PCB fabrication.
Min. Width of Legend≥0.15mmMin. width of legend is 0.15mm, if it is smaller, the legend in the finished board will be not clear.
Minimum Height of Legend≥0.8mmMin. height of Legend is 0.8mm, if it is smaller, the legend in the finished board will be not clear.
Legend Width/ Height1:5The suitable proportion of width and height is good for PCB fabrication.
Space between Trace and
Board Edge
≥0.3mm(12milRouting: the space between line and frame should be over 0.3mm. V-cut panel: the space between line and v-cut line should be over 0.4mm.
PanelizationV-scoring, Tab-routing,
Tab-routing with Perforation
(Stamp Holes)
Leave min clearance of 1.6mm between boards for break-routing. For V-score panelization, set the space between boards to be zero.
Min. aperture in half-hole
0.6mmHalf-hole is a special technology and the min. aperture must be over 0.6 mm

PCB Layout

The max.
number of layers:
40 LayersThe min.
trace width:
The max.
number of pins:
60000The min.
trace spacing:
The min.
spacing of BGA:
0.2mmThe max.
number of BGA-PIN:
The highest
speed of signal:
12G(differential signal)The highest
price of HDI:
connected with any layers(ELIC)

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