Medical Devices

The healthcare sector is using growing numbers of PCBs as technologies advance, revealing new capabilities. PCBs play a role in devices used for diagnostics, monitoring, treatment and more. Special attention must be paid to ensuring reliability when producing medical PCBs because proper functioning can be critical to patient health. In many cases, PCBs must also meet […]

Industrial Equipment

Printed circuit board uses in the industrial sector vary widely. Electronic components power much of the equipment in manufacturing and distribution centers as well as other types of industrial facilities.The PCBs used in the industrial sector often need to be especially high-powered and be durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions that exist in industrial facilities. PCBs […]


Automotive manufacturers are using growing numbers of electronic components in their vehicles. In earlier times, PCBs were only used for things like windshield wipers and headlight switches, but today they enable many advanced features that make driving safer and easier. Depending on what part of the car a PCB is used for, it may need […]


The electronics used in aerospace applications have similar requirements to those used in the automotive sector, but aerospace PCBs may be exposed to even harsher conditions. PCBs may be used in a variety of aerospace equipment including planes, space shuttles, satellites and radio communications systems. Aerospace PCB manufacturing requires using materials that can withstand high […]

Consumer Electronics

Smartphones, computers and the many other consumer products that people use daily require PCBs and PCBA to function. As we add electronics to more of our products, PCBs become a bigger part of our daily lives. Manufacturers are producing smaller and smaller smartphones and laptops that still have many advanced capabilities, which require small PCBs […]

Maritime Applications

All sorts of marine vessels and systems rely on PCBs to function. This includes small vessels, large cargo ships, submarines, communications systems and navigation equipment. PCBs used for maritime applications must also be able to withstand harsh conditions. Manufacturers of maritime PCBs emphasize reliability as it’s essential for the safety of the crew and passengers that […]

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Telecommunications Equipment

PCBs are a critical part of the telecommunications industry. They’re necessary for consumer devices such as smartphones but also for the infrastructure that enables those devices to work. The telecom sector uses a wide variety of types of PCBs because of the many different types of equipment used in the industry. Some equipment is kept in stable […]

Safety and Security Equipment

Many aspects of security systems, whether for homes, businesses or government buildings, rely on PCBs. They play a role in our safety and security more often than many people realize. The ideal type of PCB depends on its specific application, but all PCBs used for safety and security applications need to be reliable because these […]

Military and Defense Applications

The military uses PCBs for a wide range of applications, including communications equipment, computers, vehicles, firearms and more. PCBs used for military applications must be exceptionally reliable and durable. They may be exposed to extreme conditions, and they could play a role in national security. The military uses materials such as high-temperature laminates, aluminum and […]

LED Light

Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are an increasingly popular lighting technology used for residential and commercial lighting and across numerous industries including the automotive, medical and computer technology sectors. LEDs are favored for their energy efficiency, long life and compactness. One role that PCBs play in LED applications is the transfer of heat away from the bulb. […]