Safety and Security Equipment


Many aspects of security systems, whether for homes, businesses or government buildings, rely on PCBs. They play a role in our safety and security more often than many people realize.

The ideal type of PCB depends on its specific application, but all PCBs used for safety and security applications need to be reliable because these products must operate as expected at all times to be effective. Some security devices may be used outdoors and should use PCBs that can withstand outdoor environments.

Some safety and security devices that use PCBs include:

Security cameras: Security cameras, whether used indoors or outdoors, rely on PCBs, as does equipment used to monitor security footage.

Smoke detectors: Smoke detectors as well as other similar devices, such as carbon monoxide detectors, need reliable PCBs to function.

Electronic door locks: Modern electronic door locks also incorporate PCBs.
Motion sensors and burglar alarms: Security sensors that detect motion rely on PCBs as well.

PCBs play an essential role in many different types of security equipment, especially as more of these types of products are gaining the ability to connect to the Internet.