Talent Concept

Everyone is a talent; Ability and integrity, morality first, not from the majority; Utilized, can make the best use

Everyone is a talent

The employees must be able to reflect enterprise’s core values at all aspects. As long as he/she can reflect company’s core values, regardless of education level,position, type of jobs.They all are talents.Knowledge is the greatest wealth of employees, talent is the greatest asset.

Ability and integrity, morality first, not from the majority

For employees with both ability and virtue,orless ability only,company will create properly working and living environment,even development opportunity. So that they can stay with company for a long time.

Talented and capable employees have priority chance. Employees with less ability,they have training opportunity.Who has no virtue but capable,we chose to use selectively. Who is neither virtue nor ability,we never use him.

Utilized, can make the best use

The company provides full development stage for each employee.

Companies just need those working step by step every day,with quick thinking and innovative pioneer.

Talent Development

The company pays attention to the development of talents and comprehensive coverage of training programs, from the upgrading of special skills to the improvement of overall quality.From the grassroots staff to management cadres and other employees to develop the full cycle of training, including:

 New Special Training: Graduate Training Camp, (Newcomers are equipped with one-to-one special business mentors and life management instructors);

 Skills-specific training: innovative learning exercise camps, lean production, industry sharing sessions, and mentor training camps.

● Internal training: Level 1 training, security guards lectures, induction training,

On-job skills promotion classes, business development training, etc.

 External training: industry technical seminars, visiting study sessions, technical exchange meetings, MBA seminars, etc.

Employee welfare

  1. The company has a package of food and accommodation, buffet mode, meat and vegetable collocation, rich variety, equipped with LED viewing screen.
  2. Employees are entitled to annual holidays, maternity leave and other statutory holidays in accordance with the law.
  3. The company regularly holds annual meetings, birthday parties, festivals and birthday gifts.

The company dormitory is equipped with an independent balcony, double bathrooms, furniture, air conditioning, public laundry, TV room, 24H hot water, etc.

The company regularly organizes various activities: visiting places of interest. The company set up indoor and outdoor courts such as basketball, badminton, table tennis, table tennis and so on.KTV, gymnasium, library, cinemas, cafes and teahouses, etc., the garden factory environment.