We can offer you a complete turnkey PCB assembly, working with you from the design phase through to product completion, saving you time and hassles. BETON PCB factory has 4 fully independent surface mount assembly lines with automatic machines like YAMAHA assembly machines, providing a theoretical capability in excess of 20,000 placements per hour. Lead […]

1. Parts Overages (It is for PCBA mass production.) A: For the proper assembly of PCB during mass production, we require additional parts as overages; specifically, components such as resistors, capacitors and diodes. Components unused and in excess will be returned with your order. B: Components like resistors, capacitors, diodes which are not supplied on […]

Only very small volume PCBA projects will be handled manually and undergo visual inspection, while majority of the larger projects are processed through reliable automated machinery. All soldering during the PCB assembly process is up to Class 1 standard, while Class 2 and Class 3 standard are also available for you to choose from. BETON […]

BETON ELECTRONICS provides a one stop solution for all of your electronic manufacturing services requirements, ranging from fast turn around prototyping to high volume manufacturing. We have the capability to identify design and production issues during the prototype stage and solve these (in consultation with you) before moving to mass production. While many PCB houses […]