Environment Policy

To comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations’ requirements and cleaner production.

Saving power and lower energy consumption, eliminate waste.

Adhere to the harmonious development of man and nature.

It is the obligatory responsibility and mission for BETON Electronics to stick to harmonious development and environmental protection together. We conform to ISO 14001 standard strictly and introduce “green” materials and “pollution-free” facilities/technologies in its operation to minimize the effects of its products and production process to the environment, will communicate its commitment to environmental policy to its employees, vendors, partners and customers.

Main work content:

  1. Classification and treatment of industrial waste, advanced treatment process and emission control.
  2. Construction of environmental protection facilities and operation and maintenance
  3. Environmental monitoring
  4. Storage and transfer management of waste
  5. Environmental information and archives management
  6. Environmental accident emergency and risk management
  7. Construction of ISO14001 environmental protection system
  8. Environmental management system

Safety Duty

The system of safety production responsibility is the system of leaders, functional departments, engineering technicians and post operators responsible for safety production in the process of labor production according to the safety production policy of our country: “safety first, prevention, comprehensive management” and safety production regulations.

Safety production responsibility system is the enterprise. An integral part of the post system is the most basic safety system in the enterprise, and it is also the core of the enterprise’s safety production and labor protection management system.

  1. Content of our company’s safety management activities:We will implement the responsibility system for safe production, establish and improve various safety production management systems, technical procedures, and conscientiously implement them.
  2. Establish and improve safety production management institutions, sign safety responsibility commitments, and implement rewards and punishments.
  3. Organization safety production conference
  4. Organization safety risk control and evaluation
  5. Carry out safety inspection of special equipment and special operation
  6. Ensure the investment of all kinds of safety funds
  7. Organize safety education and emergency training
  8. Carrying out occupational health management activities, labor protection and promoting ISO45001 occupational health and safety system in accordance with the law
  9. Carry out the safety hidden trouble investigation and control work
  10. Organizing contingency plan preparation and responding to safety incidents report and investigation, correction and Prevention

Moral governance

 In accordance with the management, good faith for this, and according to the international Labour moral standards and electronic industry code of conduct (EICC) doing business is the BETON Electronics and its subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide management of basic principles. At the same time, comply with the expectations of the employees, as well as the ethical expectations of our customers, business partners and investors to our high standards.

BETON ELECTRONICS the contents of social responsibility and ethics are divided into the following parts:

  1. Practice of business ethics
  2. Knowledge and information protection
  3. Safety and labour protection
  4. Environmental protection responsibility
  5. External communication and social responsibility
  6. Risk control and reporting
  7. Labor law and welfare security
  8. Purchase minerals according to standard

 The success of BETON ELECTRONCIS must not be sacrificed at the expense of the morality and values of BETON Circuits. The moral and integrity management of BETON Circuits requires the joint efforts of all employees and partners. Every employee should abide by the code of conduct and always consider the impact of our actions on the company’s business, reputation and investors. At any time, it is necessary to represent the BETON ELECTRONICS in a moral manner, especially when it is engaged in business with the company’s strategic partners, third parties and customers.

BETON ELECTRONCIS is a strong corporate citizen complying with health, safety and environmental requirements under applicable government standards and regulation. BETON  adopts best practices to ensure the integrity of various aspects of its business, including the environmental and social practices of its supply base.

As required by the Conflict Minerals provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, HR 4173, Section 1502 (“Conflict Minerals Act”), BETON is committed to ethical practices and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, so BETON is working with our suppliers to ensure our suppliers of minerals are aware and support our policy,to make sure that metals used in the manufacture of BETON products are not extracted from minerals mined in either the Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”) or other mines in conflict areas.

In addition, we require the following from our suppliers:

  1. To provide traceability mineral processing chain to the smelter and miners
  2. To source materials from socially responsible sub-tier suppliers and manufactures
  3. Perform the corrective actions for the metals come from DRC or an adjoining country

Anyway, BETON is committed to working with our suppliers to ensure effective implementation of this Regulation.